As of 15 August 2021, all Contractors for the rehabilitation of 10 CISs have been issued a Notice to Proceed. Five (5) NTPs were issued on 04 to 28 January 2021 and four (4) NTPs were issued on 01 to 24 February 2021. Most NTPs were received by the Contractors within a day or two from the issuance and only one (1) Contractor have acknowledged the NTP after six (days) from its issuance.

In the procurement of goods for the construction of the warehouses and solar dryers by force account works, the 4 NTPs were issued to two (2) Supplier/Contractors in the month of 22 & 27 January 2021 and both Suppliers/Contractors received 2 NTPs on 27 & 29 January 2021, respectively. The suppliers are given 30 calendar days for the supply and delivery period. As of 15 August 2021,

Moreover, the bidding documents for the procurement of consulting services for the conduct of parcellary survey and mapping for the 10 communal irrigation systems (CISs) have been issued a No Objection (N.O) from IFAD and have undergone Contract Negotiation and Post Qualification. NIA-RIO has just received the No Objection (N.O) from IFAD for the Contract Agreement and is already for award to Alterra Geomatics & Construction. Under the terms of reference, the parcellary survey is expected to be undertaken within 110 calendar days from the receipt of the Notice to Proceed (NTP).