Institutional Development Program

NIA is mandated to:

  • Organize and develop irrigation farmer-beneficiaries into Irrigators Associations (IAs)/ Irrigators Service Cooperatives (ISCs);
  • Register the IAs with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); ISCs with Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) - to attain legal personality;
  • Provide needed capacity building/training activities to the IAs/ISCs before transferring operation and maintenance (O&M);
  • NIA, under its Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) program, is mandated to gradually transfer the management and O & M of national irrigation systems (NIS),wholly or partially, to duly organized IAs/ISCs;
  • Likewise, the agency develops communal or small irrigation projects (CIP) or rehabilitates existing communal irrigation systems (CIS) with IA participation then completely transfer to the IA the O & M of the of the completed CIP or rehabilitated CIS;
  • NIA assists the IAs/ISCs in establishing linkages with other agencies (both government and private) that provide support services and other assistance programs including livelihood/small business ventures to increase farm productivity and family income.


Institutional Development Program Process

Cumulative Total as of December 31, 2015

Total No. of IAs Organized 278
          NIS 81
          CIS 186
No. of Farmer-Beneficiaries 41,744
Area Covered by IA (ha)  


IMT is the gradual transfer of management and O&M of National Irrigation Systems (NIS) to IAs depending on the size of the NIA and capacity of IAs.

Model 1
Maintenance of canals delegated to IAs ; IA is compensated based canal area maintained and existing labor rate
Model 2 Turnover of management of lateral canals to IAs; IAs get a share of Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) collected; Typical ISF sharing: NIA: 70% IA:30%
Model 3 Turnover of management of main and lateral canals to IA Federation (Headworks/Dam not included); IAs get a share of Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) collected; Typical ISF sharing: NIA: 70% IA:30%
Model 4 Complete turnover of irrigation system to IAs; IAs pay NIA a rental fee at a rate of 75-100 kilograms of dry palay per hectare per year.

For Communal Irrigation System, the operation and maintenance has completely turnover the function to the Irrigators' Association. Generally, IAs contribute 10% equity during construction period and pay NIA amortization fee of the direct cost of construction of the project for a period not exceeding 50 years. An IA has the option to contribute an equity equivalent to 30% of the project cost and the rest of the project cost is considered fully-paid.

Status of Irrigation Management Transfer as of December 31, 2015

Model I 31
Model II 41
Model III 2
Model IV 1