Minutes of Pre-Bidding Conference

Contract Title Contract Ref No Date of Pre-Bid Conference Minutes
Construction of 400 meters Protection Works Upstream of Balatucan Dam, Canal System at Lat. C1, Lat. B, Checkgate & Main Canal at Macau Spring area and Fabrication & Installation of Steel Gates CW-MOR-RRENIS-2019-BALRIS-P1 September 17, 2019 PDF icon MIN_BALRIS.pdf
Construction of Diversion Dam, Main Canal 2 sta. 0+000-0+400 and Access Road of Ditsaan-Ramain River Irrigation Project CW-LDS-GAA-2019-DITSAAN-REBID September 13, 2019 PDF icon scan0009.pdf
Construction of Main Canal sta. 0+000 – 4+325 and Access Road of Bantayao Communal Irrigation Project (Package 1) CW-LDS-SIP-2019-BANTAYAO-P1-REBID September 13, 2019 PDF icon scan0009.pdf