Invitation to Bids

Title Project Title ABC Ref. No. Deadline of Submission of Bid Attachment
Request for Quotation RFQ #: 2021-04-065 Meals for the Conduct NIA Regional Office 3-1 Activity PDF icon RFQ-2021-04-065.pdf
Request for Quotation RFQ # 2021-03-056 Meals for the Conduct of Seminar on the Installation of Roll Out of Property/Supply Inventory and Distribution System PDF icon RFQ-2021-03-056.pdf
Request for Quotation RFQ # 2021-03-035 Office Equipment for the use of the Office of the Regional Manager PDF icon RFQ-2021-03-035.pdf
Request for Quotation RFQ # 2021-03-059 Smartphone for the use of INREMP-IFAD Institutional and Geotagging Activities PDF icon RFQ-2021-03-059.pdf
Request for Quotation RFQ #: 2021-03-057 Office Supplies for use in the Office of the Regional Manager PDF icon RFQ-2021-03-057.pdf
Request for Quotation RFQ #: 2021-03-058 Office Supplies for Programming and Planning Unit PDF icon RFQ-2021-03-058.pdf
Request for Quotation RFQ #: 2021-03-051 Office Supplies for Admin Section use. PDF icon RFQ-2021-03-051.pdf
PAGALUNGAN PIS (2021) and ROOWIN SIP (2021) Bid Bulletin No. 04: Pagalungan PIS Bid Bulletin No. 03: Roowin SIP re: Pre-Bid Conference and Bid Opening PDF icon BID-BULLETIN-34-PAGALUNGAN-aAND-ROOWIN1.pdf
MALAIG RIVER IRRIGATION SYSTEM - GOODS Supply and Delivery of Construction Materials for the Construction of Service Roads ( Sta. 0+000-3+140) of Malaig River Irrigation System Php 3, 990, 050.00 GOODS-LDS-SR-2021-MALAIG April 20, 2021 @ 9:30am PDF icon 1-ITB_GOODS-LDS-SR-2021-MALAIG.pdf
MARAMAG-KULAMAN SMALL RESERVOIR IRRIGATION PROJECT Request for Expression of Interest for Consulting Services for the Conduct of Updating of Feasibility Study of Maramag-Kulaman Small Reservoir Irrigation Project Php 16, 420, 432.00 CS-BUK-FS-2021-MKSRIP April 7, 2021 @ 9:30am PDF icon REI-CS-BUK-FS-2021-MKSRIP.pdf