BUNACOFIA General Assembly Meeting

Regional Manager Engr. Ali S. Satol attended the Bukidnon National-Communal Federation of Irrigators Association (BUNACOFIA) General Assembly Meeting held at Bukidnon Irrigation Management Office, Bagontaas, Valencia City on September 13, 2017.

On his message to BUNACOFIA headed by President Roberto S. Tumangday Sr., he reiterated the purpose of NIA by stating that NIA was created for the farmers. One of Engr. Satol's goal is to develop and help the IAs to be functional, viable and self-reliant. He emphasized his 3 tools of management (participative, consultative and transparency). These tools will help to strengthen the relationship between NIA, IA and LGU.

After his speech, IA presidents were given a chance to raise their concerns and express their messages to the Regional Manager. Indeed, it was a successful event and the IAs were so happy that they were able to meet the father NIA Region 10.