Bid Bulletin: NOtice of Resolution Granting Motion for Reconsideration for Muleta RIS under NISRIPD-C-3R2-1

This Bid Bulletin No. 01 is issued to inform the BAC Member, BAC TWG, Observers, Secretariat Members, Bidders and Interested Parties that the Motion for Reconsideration of two (2) bidders, namely, SCP Construction and Legacy Construction Corporation/85 Aquarius Builders Corporation (JV), has been granted per BAC Resolution No. INFRA-013 s. 2018 for the Rehabilitation and Improvement of Muleta River Irrigation System with Contract Ref. No: NISRIPD-C-3R2-1.

Ceremonial Mass Turn-Over of Projects and IA Congress

Valencia City, Bukidnon - With the thrust to maximize full utilization of irrigation water supplies and to cushion the impact of El Niῆo phenomenon, the Bukidnon-Irrigation Management Office (BUK-IMO)  has adopted the zoning of areas to have a timely, adequate and equitable distribution of irrigation water among farmers. This scheme will help farmers in keeping astride with their crop production, thus increasing cropping intensity and farmer’s income.

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